Innovative project Valves Preamplifier PRM-X HDS©

   The Valves Preamplifier PRM-X HDS and Phono Stage-HD MM are integrated in one case and ready to connect other input devices: CD, DVD, Tape Rec.
   The premise of the new design of preamplifiers based on vacuum tubes
is a minimum of passive components - a purely analog sound path.
   One of the most important objectives of the project Preamplifier PRM-X and
Phono Stage HD is to control the noise and the maximum dynamics of the music signal. The circuit is fully balanced circuit from input to output to minimize intermodulation distortion and phase shift.
   The innovative design active filter of the system have increased the dynamics of Phono Stage HD by ≥15%, offering dynamic sound in the band acoustic and low noise.
Active RIAA-HD design is characterized by consistent performance, regardless of whether it provides minimal or full power.
Sounds are delivered with absolute authority and high resolution. The lower octaves have better resolution, clarity and dynamic sound for individual accords.
   The RIAA-HD correction, which offers a wide bandwidth / 18 Hz - 38 kHz 56 kHz /, extremely a results in improved quality of high frequency audibility in considerable details.
   This project is the optimum selection of operating parameters by vacuum tubes.
The tubes operate at a lower temperature, which in turn provides a longer life of the vacuum tubes.
Tube in PRM-X HDS undergo 50-hour firing and numerous tube-matching measurements.
   All our tube units have a slow circuit startup, is to reduce the life-shortening shock full voltage to the vacuum tubes.
   The new design of the PRM-X HDS and Phono Stage HD was designed on traditional vacuum tubes, a total of six vacuum tubes.
Phono Stage-MM HD use 2 x EF86 / EF806, 2 x ECC83 / 12AX7.
Preamplifier PRM-X HDS 2 x ECC83 / 12AX7 tubes.
   Assembled by hand and with proven electronics, it shows our commitment to sound quality and solid construction.
   As a result, the PRM-X HDS preamplifier achieved extremely low noise levels, amazing dynamics, high resolution and excellent sound quality.
Exceptional overload margin can comfortably handle even the most demanding of cartridges.
It is a purely analog Preamplifier from every input to very output.
The rear panel of any preamplifier features an enormous number of connections to accommodate all of your needs.

We do not use any sound boosters or additional filters.


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