The BAM-HDS preamplifiers combine all home audio components together. The offered vacuum tube designs are easy to use, flexible and offer the highest sound resolution.
    PRM-X HDS preamp is for dynamic, warm melodic character and rich low-end response.
    The Valves Phono Stage-HD MM was designed on traditional vacuum tubes with a total of sixs Vacuum Tubes.
    The innovative design of the system and active filter have increased the dynamics of Phono Preamp-RIAA-HD by ≥15%, offering dynamic sound in the band acoustic and low noise. Sounds are delivered with absolute authority and high resolution.
    Assembled by hand, it testifies to our dedication to sound quality and solid construction. This project is optimum selection of operating parameters by vacuum tubes.
Vacuum Tube Phono Stage-RIAA-HD achieved extremely low noise, high dynamics .
    The rear panel of each preamplifier features an enormous number of connections to accommodate all of your needs.

We have completed tests for VALVES PREAMPLIFIER PRM-X HDS©.

Preamplifier PRM-X HDS & Phono Stage-MM HD will be shipping from autumn 2020.

     PA 3602 X© Valves Power Amplifiers 30 Watts x 2 Channels

    Will be a perfect complement to the Preamplifier PRM-X HDS.

It has been designed to transfer HDS quality.
We are currently testing the design of vacuum tubes for an power amplifiers that processes analog sound.
    Are three-stage, fully balanced, push-pull. In addition,it uses fully balanced circuitry from input to output to minimize intermodulation distortion and phase shift.
It is designed at eight vacuum tubes.
    The strength of the PA 3602 X is high dynamics and very low noise and natural,
clear sound.
Performance characteristics are constant whether is delivering minimum or full power.
The sounds are delivered with absolute authority, they are simply wonderful.
    All our tube units have a slow circuit startup, is to reduce the life-shortening shock full voltage to the vacuum tubes.
Power valves PA 3602 X undergo 50-hours burn and numerous tube-matching measurements and then it will be again re-biased.
    This is an analog Amplifier from input to output. Very simple and universal use.

More details coming soon.

PA 3602 X will be shipping from autumn 2020.


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