After decades of vinyl stagnation, it's time for metamorphosis for the New Age.

HD Vinyl will play its full power. Up to 30% more audio information.

This can be used for more dynamic or better signal-to-noise ratio. ⇒ HD Vinyl


opens a new chapter of High Definition Sound analog reproduction with the presentation of the new Preamplifier


BAM-HDS satisfies the growing demand for a traditional analog tube amplifier and for playing HD Vinyl.

   Philosophy is the most important aspect of any project. The HDSs philosophy is to design our products to ensure the highest quality of music and neutrality, to neither add to, or detract from music.
   One of the most important objectives of the project Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
PRM-X HDS & Phono Stage RIAA-HD© is to control the noise and the maximum dynamics of the music signal.

   Work on the project began in 2014, after a dozen or so different unsuccessful constructions, I started the new project starting from a scratch.
    The assumption of the new project was Phono Stage RIAA-HD and the Preamplifier
built on the basis of vacuum tubes, a minium of passive components - a purely analog acoustic track.
    As a result, the Phono Stage RIAA-HD and Preamplifier achieved extremely low noise, high dynamics and exceptional musical clear sound.
    The innovative design active filter of the system has increased the dynamics
of Phono Stage RIAA-HD by ≥15%, offering dynamic sound in the band acustic and
low noise. The basis of this project is the optimal selection of operating parameters by vacuum tubes.
   In this mode, the tubes operate at a lower temperature, which in turn ensures a longer life of the vacuum tubes. All our tube units have a slow circuit startup, to reduce the life-shortening shock full voltage to the vacuum tubes.
Meticulously assembled by hand, it testifies to our dedication to sound quality and solid construction.
    There will be used high quality parts. During assembly, the elements are checked
to ≤0.1% of the value.
   Usually 50 hours before shipment it is connected and again technical and sound tested against project assumptions.
Preamplifiers that do not meet the technical requirements will be withdrawn.

Available from spring of 2021.


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